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Property  in North Aegean sea area

Property in North Aegean sea area

Property in North Aegean sea area

Old windmills in Chios, North Aegean sea Chios, Lesbos or Samos ... the original and spectacular islands of the northeastern Aegean Sea and so different from those of the southern Aegean. These islands are less affected by tourism because of their distance from the Greek mainland and each other - which is part of their charm. And yet, they have everything you could wish for with beautiful landscapes, picturesque old villages and, of course, for fans of sunbathing and swimming, splendid beaches and creeks with clear water. And then there is the Ottoman influence which is felt almost everywhere because their history is linked to that of neighbouring Turkey. A place to discover if you haven't already done so! And how better to do that than buy a property here? For if selling prices are a bit higher on the mainland, the property market in the Aegean islands is still buoyant and affordable.
  • Samos
  • Chios Prefecture
  • Lesbos

Samos Property

Samos, Greece is a popular destination for holiday-goers and real estate buyers alike. With its lush landscape and stunning beaches, Samos offers plenty of attractions for prospective property owners. Residents can enjoy relaxing days spent lazing on the beach or exploring the breathtaking sights that surround them. For those looking to invest in Samos, the real estate options include apartments, cottages, villas and more; all with stunning sea views. Whether you're looking for a full time residence or a vacation home in paradise, Samos has something to offer every buyer. Explore your possibilities now and start living your dream life in this vibrant Greek island!

Chios Prefecture Property

Chios Prefecture is a beautiful part of Greece, located in the northeast Aegean Sea. Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, Chios Prefecture has white sandy beaches, lush green forests and crystal clear waters that make it a perfect destination for both locals and tourists alike. Real estate in Chios Prefecture offers some of the best prices in Greece, giving buyers access to affordable residential properties such as houses, villas or apartments as well as commercial opportunities such as shops and hotels. With stunning views across the sea from almost every vantage point, investing in real estate on this island couldn't be more appealing. Whether you're looking for a holiday home or full-time residence; Chios Prefecture has something for everyone!

Lesbos Property

Lesbos, Greece is a Mediterranean paradise with stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and amazing local history. Located off the coast of Turkey in the Aegean Sea, Lesbos is well known for its incredible natural beauty. The coastline of Lesbos has many hidden coves full of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters perfect for swimming or relaxing. With plenty of spectacular architecture like monasteries, churches and fortresses situated around the island, there is something to explore everywhere you go! A visit to Lesbos will provide an idyllic escape from everyday routine - so why not take some time out and make this beautiful Greek island your next destination?

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North Aegean Houses with garden

The stunning North Aegean of Greece offers an idyllic getaway with houses surrounded by lush gardens. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home, retirement house or a place to call your own, this paradise has it all. Located on the Greek mainland and in close proximity to picturesque islands such as Lesbos and Chios, North Aegean is the perfect location for peaceful living surrounded by gorgeous greenery. Enjoy blooming flowers in the springtime, explore hidden treasures among the trees in summer and walk through stunning foliage during autumn – all from your very own garden. Make North Aegean beautiful gardens yours today!

North Aegean Houses with parking

Live in the sun-soaked coastal beauty of North Aegean, Greece. Whether you're seeking a holiday home or a primary residence, you can find a range of stunning listings with garages to fit your needs. From luxury villas nestled high on the hillside with panoramic views, to classic homes with courtyard entrances and covered parking, North Aegean has options for all styles and budgets. With beautiful sandy beaches, diverse cultural offerings and delicious local cuisine just minutes away from your doorstep, make the North Aegean region your next home and enjoy life in paradise.

North Aegean Apartments with balcony

Escape to the sunny shores of North Aegean in Greece, and find your dream apartment with a balcony! Located just off the coast of Turkey, North Aegean boasts an abundance of natural beauty. The region offers plenty of great opportunities for those looking to buy an apartment with a balcony – take in breathtaking views from your own private balcony overlooking sparkling blue seas, or bask in the sun on warm summer days. With its unique culture and ideal location, North Aegean is perfect for anyone wanting to live near the vibrant atmosphere of Greek living while enjoying some peace and quiet from their own cozy balcony retreat! Explore apartments with balconies today – you won’t regret it!

North Aegean Houses with pool

Escape to the stunning landscapes of the North Aegean and find your dream home with a pool! Spend your days in this picturesque region, basking in Greece’s archaeological history as well as its crystal-clear waters. A house with a swimming pool is ideal for those looking to take full advantage of the Mediterranean climate and enjoy some time out on their own private terrace. Discover properties for sale that come complete with outdoor pools perfect for splashing around or cooling off after a day exploring one of many local attractions – all around an array of beautiful golden beaches, friendly towns and vibrant nightlife spots! Make North Aegean your home by investing in stunning homes with private pools from our selection today.

North Aegean Country houses

Discover the perfect rural experience in North Aegean, Greece! Nestled between lush rolling hills and beautiful coastline, North Aegean offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy stunning seaside villages full of character, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. Explore the hiking trails meandering through traditional mountain hamlets offering breathtaking views. Whether you're looking for an idyllic seaside retreat or a peaceful mountain hideaway, rural living in North Aegean has something for everyone. Find the perfect property with us today and move to your dream rural home!

North Aegean Apartments

Escape to the breathtaking North Aegean and discover its serene beauty. With plenty of exclusive apartments and villas for sale, you can live your best life in this picturesque corner of Greece. From awe-inspiring views to luxurious amenities, these North Aegean properties offer all you could want from a dream home. Explore stunning Mediterranean beaches, sample mouthwatering local cuisine and enjoy the vibrant culture of Greece’s unique islands—all from the comfort of your own residence. Find an apartment that fits your lifestyle among these remarkable offerings in North Aegean.

North Aegean Houses

The stunning architectural beauty of North Aegean in Greece is known around the world. With its exquisite homes, it's a peaceful paradise for those looking to buy a dream house. From contemporary villas with panoramic sea-views to traditional stone houses, the North Aegean region offers an impressive selection of exclusive properties for sale. Whether you’re searching for an investment opportunity or just your own piece of Greek paradise, there are plenty of beautiful Houses available in this area to suit all budgets and preferences – so start your search today!