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Homes for sale in Greece, Attica

Homes for sale in Greece, Attica

Real estate Greece: Attica

The region for olive oil, Attica attracts investors. The winter is mild here, like the prices of property in Athens. They have lost nearly half their value since 2008 and represent an opportunity not to be missed for people wishing to buy a house or an apartment in Attica. There are several possibilities to buy an apartment in Athens: the area to the south offers good access to the sea, to the north is more of an ideal family setting with many schools and the nearby old town, Plaka, at the foot of the Acropole. You can also choose to buy some land or a villa on the heights of the town, just out of the centre. The rich history of this region, its gastronomy and landscapes will win you over.

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Attica Property

Attica, located in Greece, is known for its beautiful landscapes and rich history. With stunning views of the Saronic Gulf and easy access to the capital city Athens, Attica is a prime destination for those looking for both beach holidays and cultural getaways. Whether you are seeking a luxurious second home or looking to invest in property here, there's something here for everyone. From majestic seaside villas with their own private beaches, to elegant townhouses situated in cobbled streets of ancient Greek towns - Attica has it all! Explore an array of real estate opportunities today and find your perfect piece of paradise in Attica!

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Attica Land

Attica, in Greece, is an incredible destination for aspiring land owners. With stunning landscapes and a backdrop of the Aegean Sea, it's the perfect place to find your dream plot of land. Whether you're looking for somewhere to build your own home or something more commercial such as farmland or beachfront property, Attica has it all – and there are plenty of options for any budget. Enjoy picturesque mountain views and endless blue skies while exploring available plots in this remarkable Greek region. With an abundance of diverse terrain from rolling hillsides to coastal real estate, Attica offers countless opportunities that make investing here entirely worth it!

Attica Houses with garden

Attica is a beautiful region of Greece renowned for its stunning natural beauty and glorious sunshine. But away from the coast, it also offers something special: houses with generous gardens! Whether you are looking for a large plot of land to call your own, or just want somewhere to relax in the warm summer evenings, Attica has something perfect for you. Explore a wide range of charming homes with spacious terraces and well-kept gardens – an oasis in an otherwise hectic world. Let this Mediterranean paradise be your new home and enjoy life among lush greenery under the Parnitha mountains – one look at these outdoor spaces, and you will never want to leave!

Attica Houses with parking

Attica, Greece has a wealth of options when it comes to houses with garages. From quaint cottages in the countryside to modern villas in the city, there is something for everyone who desires a private garage. Whether you are searching for an expansive estate overlooking the Aegean Sea or just looking for some extra storage space close to home, Attica has what you need. With its gorgeous mountain and coastal views and friendly locals, Attica provides an ideal setting for real estate seekers with garages as part of their dream property package.

Attica Apartments with balcony

The vibrant city of Attica, Greece boasts a wide variety of stunning apartments with balconies. Residents are spoilt for choice with dozens of different floor plans and designs to choose from. Whether you prefer modern, open-plan living or more traditional layouts, our apartment listings offer something for everyone. Each balcony provides incredible views across the area's rolling hills and blue beaches. Enjoy an outdoor lifestyle in one of our luxurious apartments with balconies in Attica – the perfect spot for a year-round vacation! Explore different neighborhoods to get the perfect combination of convenience and luxury – there’s plenty on offer here!

Attica Houses with pool

Imagine having a house with a stunning swimming pool in Attica, Greece. From the moment you enter your residence, the sun-filled courtyard with its crystal clear waters will offer the perfect relaxation and entertainment environment. Whether lounging on one of the comfortable sunbeds or diving into its refreshingly cool depths, this luxury swimming pool is guaranteed to take your sense of relaxation and enjoyment to new heights. With so many attractions within easy reach – including beaches, marinas and ancient ruins – why not treat yourself to an unforgettable experience living beside a rippling Mediterranean oasis? Buy or rent a house with a swimming pool in Attica today!

Attica Apartments

Searching for a dream home to buy in Attica, Greece? Look no further! Located on the Greek peninsula and boasting pristine beaches, plenty of sun and crystal clear water – Attica is a perfect destination for those who want it all. Enjoy delicious cuisine, vibrant culture and breathtaking views from some of the best apartments in the area. From luxury homes with stunning interior design to family-friendly duplexes - we have something for everyone. Experience superb amenities like modern kitchens, smart security systems and spacious terraces offering idyllic views. Invest in an apartment today – find your perfect home tomorrow!

Attica Houses

Attica, Greece presents an amazing array of homes perfect for buyers in search of the utmost luxury. With breathtaking views and lush landscapes, Attica is one of the most desirable locations to own a house. Whether you prefer cosmopolitan living or a more relaxed atmosphere, Attica's properties offer excellent options for purchasing your dream home. From traditional villas with private pools to modern apartment buildings, potential homeowners will find their perfect fit here. Invest in a high-end estate in the city center and experience all that this beautiful place has to offer - multiple cultural attractions and local amenities. Make your move today and start living life luxuriously in Attica!